Saturday, June 15, 2013

May/June Update: Art Shows, Visa Applications, Travel Plans!

Hey everyone,

Long time, no post! Sorry about that. This past month, I've been super busy with finishing up my first year of college,  as well as with some exciting stuff relating to my trip (more information on those below!).

So, to fundraise for my trip, I decided that one thing I wanted to do was make and sell paintings. I did an internship at a local art gallery (the Roxborough Art Gallery) last spring, so I reached out to my former internship mentor to ask if they might be able to give me some gallery space during the month of June. After making a few arrangements, she replied saying that not only would they give me gallery space, but they wanted to make me their featured artist of the month for June! This was a huge honor, and I was absolutely blown away by their above-and-beyond generosity.

My first day back from school, I hit the ground running (or painting, as it were) in order to make an entirely original and DRC-related collection of works for my show. I made a painting every day until it was time to hang the show. It was super exhausting, but overall, I was pleased with the result. I titled my show "Muanjadi" (matches rather well with the title of this blog, no?). The reception for my show was just last night, and several of my lovely friends and relations showed up (as well as the usual Roxborough Art Gallery monthly reception crowd), including my lovely high school French teacher, Anne Damanti, and a few other French Honor Society alums.

For those of you in the Denver metro area, I would love if you'd go down and check the show out! It's up until the end of the month. The paintings are priced very reasonably -- if you're in the market for any art, they're a steal! If you're not in the area but are interested in one of the paintings below (or want to see the rest), please feel free to email me at

Also, if you're interested in donating to my trip, I've set up a GoFundMe fundraiser for it, which can be found here:
Truly, no donation is too small. I genuinely appreciate every cent you might be willing to donate from the bottom of my heart.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the show:

 (A huge thank-you to Patricia Jenkins, my former internship mentor, for all her help in putting the show together, including the beautiful banner above me in this photo!)

In other news, we officially have our dates for the trip set! Sandra Bea and I will be leaving on June 30th and returning on July 12th. A bit shorter than I had originally hoped, but I believe we'll be able to accomplish our goals nonetheless! I've sent in my visa application and am waiting to hear back from the Congolese Embassy (hopefully in the form of a visa). Other than that, I'm just preparing to leave -- gathering things to pack, et cetera! I'm very much looking forward to the experience. 

Thanks so much for reading, 

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