Monday, January 14, 2013

First Video Update: All About January


January 7th - Met with Sandra Bea about the school's location, safety measures, etc.
January 8th - Met with Anne Damanti, my high school French teacher, regarding how best to teach your first language as a second language.
January 9th - Met with Dr. James Calhoun, the principal of Castle View High School, about possible fundraising options for future Teach-for-Muanjadi students.
January 10th - Turned in Davis Projects for Peace application (more information on Davis Projects for Peace can be found here: I will create a separate post to share more about my application.
January 18th - Presenting the Muanjadi Organization and my project proposal to all of the Douglas County School District's French teachers.
All throughout: Lesson planning, lesson planning, and more lesson planning.

Hope your January's been going as well as mine has been so far!

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